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Teleradiology dramatically improves the speed and quality of patient care simply by letting doctors have faster access to X-rays, CT’s and MRI data and other CT scanned images of their patients.

VirtualPACS is offered to physicians via a secure Platform as a Service (PaaS). This lets doctors and radiologists have secure access to patient records anytime and from anywhere they are.

This might not seem remarkable, but it really is.

Most radiology centers operate on Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm business hours. With VirtualPACS HIPAA compliant platform, doctors and radiologists can view, diagnose conditions faster and transmit hundreds of images to other areas of the hospital or to other locations around the world.

Physicians with specialties in Nuclear Cardiology, Neuroradiology, Mammography, Thoracic Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology and Pediatrics can collaborate and work faster to diagnose conditions faster — which can be life saving during an emergency situation.

Our solution: Is VirtualPACS.

An innovative cloud-based RIS/PACS that is HIPAA, FDA and CE Mark approved. There’s no hardware to buy. Fail-safe backups, disaster recovery, security and reliability are all built in.

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    Anytime, Anywhere access to Records
    Workflow component is a USP of our product. That allows Imaging Centers and Hospitals to design complex business workflow rules that makes their Radiologists get access to exsms faster and enables Administrators to effeciently run operations.
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    Secure Platform / Cloud Services
    Don’t take our word for it but go ahead and give it a try. You will be amazed by the Teleradiology driven workflow built-in to the system. You could practically operate a Teleradiology business from home with VirtualPACS
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    HIPAA, FDA, CE Mark approved
    A HIPAA compliant system out-of-the-box, VirtualPACS ensures security and privacy of data by encrypting local cache, transmission and retrieval. With its fail-over protection and disaster-recovery infrastructure, VirtualPACS strives to deliver a near 100% up-time experience.
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    Faster access to Records for speedy Diagnosis
    Adopt a Cloud based zero-hardware solution to speed up your business workflow. With patented and intelligent Compression, Pre-fecting rules, Windows Services etc VirtuaPACS can deliver the same or better experience than what you are used to with your onsite PACS. And the same is true for your outside facilities.
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    Affordable + Reliable
    One of the top advantages of VirtualPACS is its lower cost of ownership. Guaranteed! VirtualPACS is offered to physicians via a secure Platform. 

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