DICOMtoGo : Document Management, Integration and Worklfow

DICOMtoGo provides clinical and imaging departments an “Enterprise ready solution”  to improve business workflow and increase productivity. Through its easy-to-use functions, DICOMtoGo provides customers on-demand access to clinical and imaging data via its integration with EMR, HIS, EHR and PACS systems. DICOMtoGo imports and converts from CDs and DVDs, converts non-DICOM to DICOM from hard-drives, USB or any other shared locations.

Now you can Scan, Print to PACS, Import, Convert and QA/QC from any desktop within your entire Imaging department or Hospital network, on demand!

  • Paper Scanning: Scan paper documents using any TWAIN compatible scanner
  • Print to PACS: Print from HIS/RIS or EMR directly into PACS. Convert Word/PDF documents/reports into DICOM
  • CD / DVD / HD Importing:  Browse all volumes and Import DICOM images from CD/DVD
  • File Importing (Manual or Bulk): Manual or Bulk Import DICOM Images from Hard-Drive or shared location
  • Non-DICOM to DICOM File Conversion: Convert 150+ types of Document formats into DICOM
  • Basic QC Functions (Header/Tag modification of Images): Modify Headers and Patient information of Imported Documents
  • Advanced QC/QA functions (Coming soon): Image Annotations and Enhancements that are burnt into the Images


  • Feature rich
  • Easy to Install
  • Build for the Enterprise
  • On-demand deployment
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Dependable
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Document Scanning : Scan Reports, Patient Forms, Clinical Documents etc
  • Print to DICOM Storage: Install Twinpod Printer driver and enables printing any document or webpage to DICOM format.
  • Importing : Import DICOM files from CD,DVD, Flash-drives, External Hard-drives, Network Share or Local folders
  • Bulk Importing : Bulk import multiple folders and send to DICOM Storage (PACS, VNA or Workstation)
  • Non-DICOM to DICOM : Convert 150+ types of non-DICOM files to DICOM (Color or Greyscale), Match study data with Modality worklist or PACS.
  • QC and QA : Modify Patient Demographic or Study information of Imported/Scanned/Printed documents and/or match with existing Studies on VNA/PACS or Workstation

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