PACStoGo : Low-cost DICOM Distribution system

PACStoGo is an affordable DICOM CD/DVD Burning  and shelf-archiving software suite. With its User friendly and hands-free operations; PACStoGo will reduce operational costs, build a referral base, increase your workflow and provide security for your facility. And the best part is that anyone can operate it, right from your front-desk staff to your office managers, technicians, radiologists, admin staff etc.

With its adaptive “learning mode” PACStoGo can filter and store images, create anonymous disks and automatically burn discs from unlimited sources. PACStoGo is the world’s top choice for a cost effective DICOM distribution, archive and disaster recovery solution.
 * Some features might be limited to certain regions due to regulatory requirements. Please contact us for further information by calling 800-962-0046 x 1
 * PACStoGo does not contain any Viewer software. But supports IHE DICOMDIR structure thus enabling support for 100s of third-party viewers.

“Low cost and enterprise ready DICOM distribution solution”

  • EASY INTEGRATION : Integrates seamlessly with any PACS, Modality, MODs, Archive Server, or other DICOM CDs.
  • ANONYMOUS CDs : Create Demo Disks for teaching files and anonymize patient data put onto CDs for teaching or reference files.
  • ACR CDs : Create CDs for ACR Accreditation in 5 minutes or less.
  • COMPREHENSIVE WORKFLOW : Create custom workflow rules to match Business workflow requirements.
  • QUERY & RETRIEVE FROM PACS : Query and Move studies from any PACS or Cloud/On-site Archive.
  • RUNS ON WORKSTATION, OFF PACS : Gives the ability for “user level” to access system manager or create a job locally.
  • CUSTOM LABELS : Labels with dynamic study or patient info and facility logo on top.
  • RUNS AS A SERVICE :Always on and running in the background to receive and burn jobs at anytime.
  • IMPORT UTILITY : Import outside institution images and studies from CDs or DVDs.
  • MULTIPLE VIEWERS : While PACStoGo does not come pre-configured with any Viewer. But PACStoGo was designed to support multiple third-party viewers including Mammo, Cardio and any specialized viewer can be integrated into PACStoGo within 5 minutes.

How it works:  When the recipient loads the computer CD, your facility’s custom splash screen auto-launches and stays until a selection is made. You may include any combination of links, such as …

P2G_Presentation3 P2G_Presentation2

  • Promote a new Service or Device
  • A link to your facility’s web address
  • Logo and or contact information for your facility
  • A link to launch the reporting feature
  • “Help” or “about us” information
  • Health information such as self examination, etc.
  • Health network information


  • Burn anywhere from 5 CDs a day to 100 CDs a day in a 100% automated manner
  • Burn ACR CDs or Anonymous CDs in an automated manner
  • Tons of satisfied customers
  • Saves money on Film, Resource, Real-estate and Labor
  • Works out of the Box with little to no customization. Supports promiscuous operating mode.
  • Create Workflow rules that enable mapping Business Requirements to promote a Vendor Neutral Workflow
  • Best of class DICOM Distribution system.
  • Hands-free operations
  • Query-Retrieve from PACS, Modality or Workstation
  • Send (Push) cases from PACS, Modality or Workstation
  • Intelligent Disk Spanning that takes care of splitting Large studies into multiple Disks and ensuring that Series do not break-up
  • Supports both Internal CD/DVD burners and Automated CD/DVD Burners
  • Structure Reports (SR) support included

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